Affirming and empowering Black leadership in the Omaha metro.


A growing network of Black, influencers.


The 2019 YBI Recipients are here!

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Give Black!

Thank you to everyone that donated to YBI during the GivingBlackDay Campaign. We challenge you to not just in a moment, but clicking the link below to make a donation.

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Board Training Program

Thank you to everyone that attended the last training of 2019. We are excited to have four people now placed on local and national boards that have participated in this program. Stay tuned for our next training date early 2020.

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Self Care Session

Join us for a self care session lead my Influencer Dominique Morgan

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Here, you are seen.

Our Inclusion & Equity Statement:

Young Black & Influential Omaha is proud to celebrate and affirm Black Influencers. We as an organization and the individuals that collectively come together to elevate Blackness; do so by recognizing, respecting and valuing the intersections of those identities.

We are an affirming space and accept no less from ourselves and the community in which we work.


ashlei spivey

Why not us.

Ashlei Spivey poses the question, “Why not us,” when considering Black leaders in the Omaha metro. YBI held its first award ceremony in the summer of 2016 and hasn’t looked back since.

“There were so many awards in our community and very little recognized the talents, abilities and contributions of Black people.”

From this acknowledgement, YBI has continued to gather and celebrate Black leaders in the Omaha metro, striving to be inclusive and celebratory of all - no matter the sector, industry, educational attainment level, income, and otherwise.

We’re for all, why not us.